Discontinued flux of purpose, pastel on paper drawing, full image

Discontinued flux of purpose

Pastel and charcoal on paper

55 x 75 cm
21.6 x 29.5 in

The artwork is sold unframed! The images with the artwork framed are here to give you an idea about how it could look in context.

The experiment of life often comes from a purpose based perspective. It feels like a flux of energy is continuously nourished to the meaning of why things are or happen.Sometimes a certain awareness changes that perspective thus the flux is severed yet never stopped...until the end.
One of the main themes of my work is the hidden identity or the obscure reality that we often choose to ignore. The comfort of letting others decide for us and consciously let us be managed by our leaders is so mesmerising that we often even ignore who those leaders really are.
We leave in a society lead by a system that more and more people agree to be faulty but who or what is the system?

The layers of charcoal and pastel are fixed with a specific spray vernis.The artwork is covered in silk paper and bubble wrap and shipped rolled in a cardboard box.It is signed on the back and a certificate of authenticity is provided.

Dan's works usually depict an alternative perception of the reality that is possible by letting go of the standardised perception of the surroundings.
Once time, space, social and cultural standards become other than boundaries the possibilities are limitless and the creative thought can release us into a freedom which we didn't have the courage to hope for.
He applies the same concept to his process trying to use the result of accidental drops or free gesture finger or brush intervention as a will of a predefined chaos that is used as a pretext for new layers and details of the composition.
The images he uses for reference are collages of various out of context picture cuts found in archives, social media or even screen prints from cinema or television productions. He also makes his own pictures using different subjects placed in unusual situations and invited to improvise their behavior and gestures while interacting with objects or other subjects around them.


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