We live in a world that fills our head with trivial information, with images of a horror that becomes too familiar, or vulgar and futile images that become our sanctuary. Information flows quickly, without filters and often without hindsight. It's hard to decipher right from wrong, and it's comfortable enough to stay in the dark, while still swallowing these images.
    My father often used to tell me: It's okay, the country needs "mediocre people" too, when he found out about my disappointing results in school. This "ritornello" resonated so much in me that I decided to do everything to reach the intellectual elite so respected by society. And I often wondered who these mediocre people were. In turn, in my imagination they took on the appearance of a gypsy or an alcoholic, or else they became so blurry and indefinable that they were surely those people whom one does not look at or that one does not look at anymore. In any case in the eyes of many they were those ignoramuses who were satisfied only with their primary and basic needs accompanied by all the possible vices.
    Then I studied fashion at the art university and found myself propelled to Bucharest in the midst of the elite so fantasised and desired. What a climb! Deep inside me still echoed this ritornello about the need for mediocrity in society and still did not understand who these ignorant people were. And the environment in which I lived obviously protected me from them! Then I decided to try my luck in Brussels and had no other choice but to do like everyone else, work for a living. I was a common worker, a salesman, also did the housework and so on ... I became little by little this Romanian gypsy, this dusty worker, this kitsch salesman so associated in my mind with what I did not want to become for fear of reaching this formidable mediocrity. However, I finally understood what that meant and finally had the answer to my question. I had been so long fed with pride and arrogance in my sphere in Bucharest that I had indeed achieved this mediocrity without even realising it. The lack of humility blinded me and the reality shook me.
    Today I paint and draw focusing on this idea of ​​illusion brought by comfort in our society. On the mirages caused by consumerism and the vector images of a distorted reality. I am still strongly influenced by the codes of fashion and costume that I voluntarily reproduce in my images. They aim to seduce the viewer while remaining sufficiently reworked and shelled to bring discomfort, an intriguing side. Color is treated as a sudden and unexpected intervention, like an accident. It creates action on the sometimes inactive protagonist and spectator himself.
     I take inspiration from images taken from online newspapers or social media and archives and re-manipulate them to recreate a different and unique image. I create an amalgam between reality and the imaginary. These images taken out of their context are then brought together in a digital collage which is used as a basis for a drawing or a painting.
     My artistic exploration develops on two intertwined directions. The psychological impact of the image and the technical means to achieve an emotional response. The different mediums are manipulated with a variety of tools and the random results of spontaneous gestures are then either enhanced or erased, scratched or diffused until they start to make sense in a story that evolves alongside with the composition itself. Some become figurative, other remain abstract but each image will eventually become appropriated by the viewer if decorticated enough through emotional and personal life experience.