Dan Laurentiu Arcus

Interviews and mentions 

       Born on 5 June 1983 in Galati, Romania


       Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Studied decorative arts at the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Artistic activity:



August - September 2021 - Group exhibition at "La voix des clous", Méménil, France

January - March 2021 - Group exhibition at Ubique Gallery in Dinant, Belgium

 December 2019 - solo show at the European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg
June 2019 - group exhibition at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, Romania
March - May 2019 - solo show at Galerie Laval in Liege, Belgium
Selected in the collection “Darkness and light” on Artfinder.com
Selected in the collection “Inspired by Francis Bacon” on Artfinder.com
Selected in the collection “Powerful portraits” on Artfinder.com
February 2018 - Participation in the group exhibition ArtOpenKunst at the Vanderborght space in Brussels.
November 2017 - Solo Show at the Dansaert Center, Brussels
June 2017 - selected by SaatchiArt in the collection “Meet 6 Saatchi Art Artists from Belgium”
March 2017 - selected by Jessica Mcqueen in the “New Surrealist Works” collection of Saatchi Art.com
2015 - Finalist in the competition “The 4th Bangkok Triennale International Print and Drawing Exhibition”