The storm, Pastel on paper, gestural, colourful, surrealist, expressionist, on budget, medium size hands drawing

The storm

Pastel and charcoal on paper 100 x 70 cm


This drawing is signed on the back. A certificate of authenticity is provided. The pastel and charcoal were fixed with a spray varnish. My works usually depict an alternative reality that is possible by letting go the standardised perception of the surroundings. Once time and space become other than boundaries the possibilities are limitless and the creative thought can release us into a freedom which we didn't have the courage to hope for. I also apply the same concept to my process trying to use the result of accidental drops or free gesture brushing as a will of a predefined chaos that is used as a pretext for new layers and details of the composition. This artwork is signed on the back. It is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. The dry pastel and charcoal was fixed on the surface with several layers of anti uv varnish. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question!